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What I suggest you do if you receive hate messages

I suggest that if you get any hate messages in your inbox, whether or not they are anonymous, to not answer them. When you send messages and respond to each other, it means that you care. So if you don’t respond to a bully, you’re basically saying, “Whatever. I don’t need that from you, and I won’t ever need it.” Then they’ll end up leaving you alone because you don’t care about their mean and useless messages. You’ll show you’re happy on your blog and you don’t need any of the hate. They will be confused, and you can continue on with your happy blogging adventures. Go have ice cream or a taco or something. Those are nice.

Please stop

Just letting you all know that sending each other hateful messages on anon is stupid. And not just in the Hoot Owl fandom. When you do it, you’re basically telling everyone that you’re too scared to actually have people know your opinion, but you want to send the hate message anyway because you “can.” I also have a tip for people who get the hate: do NOT answer it.

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